• Exhibition “Portraits of Hope” Build Solid Ground Through the power of art, we want to show that every person deserves to have a decent home and to feel protected from threats to their property.
  • By 2030, three out of five people in the world will live in cities.
  • We can provide adequate, safe and affordable housing by pursuing sustainable housing policies.
  • We can renovate poor neighborhoods by guaranteeing decent living conditions for all.
  • Poor housing conditions cause serious problems in other areas of life, such as health care, education, employment.
  • Be the change if you believe that everyone deserves to have a decent home.
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  • Survey for identifying the housing needs of families from poor neighborhoods in Targovishte and Sliven 21.12.2020 - In the past few months Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria conducted a representative sociological survey of the housing situation in two regions of the country – Sliven and Targovishte. The survey went through several stages: a field study in 800 households was carried out in 4 communities with predominantly Roma population, two focus group discussions on […]
  • Right to Energy Coalition 17.12.2020 - On December 10, 2020, Habitat Bulgaria was accepted as a full member of the European coalition Right to Energy. The coalition unites trade unions, anti-poverty groups, social housing providers, NGOs, environmental campaigners, health organisations and energy cooperatives across Europe. The Right to Energy coalition actively campaigns to tackle energy poverty at an EU, national and […]
  • The survey for identifying the housing needs of families from poor neighborhoods in the Municipality of Sliven has started 20.08.2020 - After starting the fieldwork in the region of Targovishte in July, now the research in Sliven is on the go. Sliven Municipality is the second location where Habitat Bulgaria will conduct a representative sociological survey to define the housing conditions and needs in the region. Based on that research Habitat Bulgaria will prepare a report […]