• Ensuring socially just access to energy renovation of the housing stock.
  • Exhibition “Portraits of Hope” Build Solid Ground Through the power of art, we want to show that every person deserves to have a decent home and to feel protected from threats to their property.
  • By 2030, three out of five people in the world will live in cities.
  • We can provide adequate, safe and affordable housing by pursuing sustainable housing policies.
  • We can renovate poor neighborhoods by guaranteeing decent living conditions for all.
  • Poor housing conditions cause serious problems in other areas of life, such as health care, education, employment.
  • Be the change if you believe that everyone deserves to have a decent home.
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  • WWF, Habitat for Humanity and partners held a conference on forest biomass 07.07.2022 - The event brought together scientists, experts, politicians and environmentalists. The way we produce and consume our energy today poses a number of risks. Air pollution takes more and more victims every year. The energy poverty in the region is growing, hence there is a risk of increasing the unsustainable use of forest wood for heating. […]
  • “Biomass and just energy transition” conference 04.07.2022 - “Biomass and just energy transition” is the central theme of the regional conference, organised by the environmental organisation WWF CEE in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Join us online via Zoom here: https://bit.ly/3nmjlwy, password: 828072. • 6 July 09:30 – 16:30 • 7 July 10:00 – 13:00 Experts from all […]
  • Video of the conference „Policies for improvement of the housing conditions of vulnerable groups on municipal and natiоnal level“ 27.05.2022 - On April 14th, 2022 Habitat Bulgaria hosted the conference „Policies for improvement of the housing conditions of vulnerable groups on municipal and natiоnal level“. The agenda covered housing related issues on local, national and global level. Habitat Bulgaria raised pressing issues like the fact that Bulgaria still hasn’t adopted a National Housing Strategy, and that […]