Corporate volunteers

Between 2013 and 2019, the project “Building Four Homes in Kostinbrod for Families with Minor Children and Proven Housing Needs” actively involved more than 170 corporate volunteers.

Partnership with Wienerberger Group

In 2012, Wienerberger, a leading provider of ceramic building materials worldwide and Habitat for Humanity International, a world leader in fighting the housing poverty, signed a partnership agreement to help families in Romania and Bulgaria. It is a multifunctional collaboration involving both financial support and expert and professional support in the form of voluntary time spent by Wienerberger’s employees. The purpose is to ensure the proper use of the products in the homes build by the organization.

In the period from 2013 to 2015, two teams of volunteers from Wienerberger Bulgaria Ltd. and one team of volunteers from the Wienerberger Group from a total of 11 countries participated in the social project of Habitat Bulgaria “Construction of Four Homes in the Town of Kostinbrod for Families with Minor Children and Proven Housing Needs.” Wienerberger and its subsidiaries Tondach and PipeLife, supported the project with the provision of Porotherm ceramic blocks, Tondach ceramic tiles and PipiLife plumbing needed to build the four houses. In addition, the Wienerberger Group provided financial and professional support, such as training in masonry construction activities. By using the energy-efficient building materials of Wienerberger, the beneficiary families of the project can save on utility costs each year.

Partnership with Whirlpool

In 2013, 29 Whirlpool employees from 9 countries visited Bulgaria to donate time and skills in the construction work of the project “Construction of Four Homes in the Town of Kostinbrod for Families with Minor Children and Proven Housing Needs.” This is the first international volunteer team that Habitat Bulgaria welcomed in this project. The Whirlpool team prepared the plot for future construction work.

For more than 15 years Whirlpool is among the most engaged of Habitat for Humanity’s partners. Each year, the company sends teams of volunteers to different regions of the world, helping many families get a decent home.

Partnership with Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble has partnered with Habitat for Humanity globally to fund the construction, repair and improvement of homes in 12 countries around the world. This commitment to Habitat for Humanity represents the participation of volunteers globally and is implemented annually.

In 2013, P&G Bulgaria’s staff actively supported the global commitment by participating in a volunteer day organized by Habitat Bulgaria on the project “Construction of Four Homes in the Town of Kostinbrod for Families with Minor Children and Proven Housing Needs.” Four energy-saving single-family homes were built as part of the project.

“It was a great pleasure to get involved in Habitat’s project in Kostinbrod and help build family homes. We are excited to be part of a global partnership with Habitat for Humanity and to dedicate time and effort to helping build comfortable homes for families in Bulgaria and around the world.”, commented Eugene Dragomirescu, P&G Bulgaria Country Manager.

Partnership with MetLife Foundation

In 2016, MetLife announced a regional partnership with Habitat for Humanity to launch the first Public Benefit Week, which kicked off on May 23 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The partnership, funded by the MetLife Philanthropic Branch – MetLife Foundation, engages company employees, homeowners and community members to work together on Habitat for Humanity home construction or renovation projects in Bulgaria, Egypt, England, Hungary, Ireland, Jordan, Lebanon, Poland and Romania.

From 2016 to 2019, over 70 volunteers from MetLife Bulgaria participated in the Community Benefit Week. They actively participated in the construction activities of the social construction project of Habitat Bulgaria in Kostinbrod. The houses, each with an area of ​​86 square meters, are intended for young families with minor children and proven housing needs. With the help of volunteers from MetLife Bulgaria, the vertical planning of the project was carried out, including the installation of decorative flooring, construction of lawns and planting of flowering vegetation. The partner of the project in these activities is Semmelrock Stein+Design Ltd., which kindly provided all the products needed for the smooth running of the work process.

The MetLife Foundation has a long tradition of supporting initiatives that engage MetLife volunteers in activities that improve the quality of life and increase opportunities in the communities they serve.

Partnership with Henkel

Habitat Bulgaria started a new volunteer project in Varna. In early October 2018, a group of 15 Henkel employees from Bulgaria and Austria donated time and skills to the construction site. This is the first corporate volunteer team from Henkel that Habitat Bulgaria welcomes. The group was working on the reconstruction of a home used as a social home to accommodate a family affected by the severe flood in Asparuhovo district in Varna in 2014. The project beneficiary familiy took an active part in the reconstruction of their home, together with volunteers from the company. This type of collaboration is a mandatory practice in Habitat volunteer initiatives.

“The realization of the project in Varna is proof that with the support of business and volunteering it is quite possible to provide decent homes for everyone,” said Mr. Mincho Benov, National Director of Habitat Bulgaria.

Henkel is among the most engaged partners of Habitat for Humanity International. Each year, the corporation sends teams of volunteers throughout the region and helps many Habitat-assisted families get a decent home.