Local volunteers

To address the need for decent, safe and affordable housing around the world, in 1985 the UN decided to mark the first Monday of October as World Habitat Day. #WorldHabitatDay

As part of its project “Building Four Homes in the Town of Kostinbrod for Families with Minor Children and Proven Housing Needs”, Habitat Bulgaria has succeeded in promoting the idea of ​​adequate housing as a fundamental human right and continues to work to increase public awareness of improving the affordability of the right to housing and eliminating housing poverty.

More than 70 local volunteers helped Habitat Bulgaria to promote the ideas and principles of partnership, community cooperation, voluntary work, concern and respect for the needs of others. To mark World Habitat Day, a number of celebrities were involved in the construction activities of the project, including Kamen Vodenicharov, Toncho Tokmakchiev, Marta Vachkova and Danny Milev.

Through these events, Habitat Bulgaria aims to show that the path to adequate housing and decent living for everyone goes not only through state and municipal policies, but also through our personal responsibility and our actions as citizens and neighbours.