• Municipalities Own Just 0.8% of Bulgaria’s Housing Stock 09.06.2023 - The 32,225 municipal-owned dwellings in Bulgaria represent 0.8% of the national housing stock, and they accommodate 82,240 people or 1.2% of the total population. There are as few as 899 social housing units, located in the territory of 25 municipalities and implemented under Operational Programme Regional Development 2007-2013 and Regions in Growth 2014-2020, Habitat for […]
  • Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria launches Home Equals campaign in support of people living in informal settlements around the world 16.05.2023 - Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria and our partners around the world today launched a five-year campaign, called Home Equals, seeking policy changes at the local, national and global levels to increase access to adequate housing for people living in informal settlements. As part of the Home Equals campaign, Habitat Bulgaria is advocating for informal settlement upgrading […]
  • Mincho Benov, Habitat Bulgaria, to 3eNews: A more radical solution is one-time assistance for energy renovation of the home 23.11.2022 - These can be vulnerable households, for example large families, single mothers, people with disabilities, commented the director of Habitat Bulgaria. Author and photo credit: Raya Lecheva We talk about the new energy efficiency programs under the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability with Mincho Benov, National Director of Habitat Bulgaria since January 2011. What are […]
  • Habitat for Humanity at COP27: Adequate and affordable housing central to achieving mitigation and adaptation goals 07.11.2022 - Sharm el-Sheikh (November 7, 2022) — Habitat for Humanity International is calling on delegates at the COP27 climate change conference to prioritize adequate and affordable housing, particularly for the most vulnerable people, to achieve a net-zero future for carbon emissions and meet the adaptation needs of human settlements. “The global community needs to put people […]
  • WWF, Habitat for Humanity and partners held a conference on forest biomass 07.07.2022 - The event brought together scientists, experts, politicians and environmentalists. The way we produce and consume our energy today poses a number of risks. Air pollution takes more and more victims every year. The energy poverty in the region is growing, hence there is a risk of increasing the unsustainable use of forest wood for heating. […]
  • “Biomass and just energy transition” conference 04.07.2022 - “Biomass and just energy transition” is the central theme of the regional conference, organised by the environmental organisation WWF CEE in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Join us online via Zoom here:, password: 828072. • 6 July 09:30 – 16:30 • 7 July 10:00 – 13:00 Experts from all […]