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  • Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria launches Home Equals campaign in support of people living in informal settlements around the world 16.05.2023 - Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria and our partners around the world today launched a five-year campaign, called Home Equals, seeking policy changes at the local, national and global levels to increase access to adequate housing for people living in informal settlements. As part of the Home Equals campaign, Habitat Bulgaria is advocating for informal settlement upgrading […]
  • Video of the conference „Policies for improvement of the housing conditions of vulnerable groups on municipal and natiоnal level“ 27.05.2022 - On April 14th, 2022 Habitat Bulgaria hosted the conference „Policies for improvement of the housing conditions of vulnerable groups on municipal and natiоnal level“. The agenda covered housing related issues on local, national and global level. Habitat Bulgaria raised pressing issues like the fact that Bulgaria still hasn’t adopted a National Housing Strategy, and that […]
  • Housing without a future? 14.03.2022 - Has the housing stock in Bulgaria been managed properly? Who should support it? A national housing strategy for 2018-2030 was drafted in 2018, but it has not yet been adopted. Learn more about Habitat Bulgaria’s recommendations for improving the local housing policies and practices in the video below. Habitat Bulgaria is implementing the project „Research […]
  • Bulgarian textile insulation saves harmful emissions and money. „Inovativno“, BNT2 08.12.2021 - The project for the development of an industrial facility for the production of thermal insulation of recycled textiles supported by the VELUX Foundations, has been promoted by the Bulgarian National Television. For the invented thermal insulation product, the company was honored with the Grand Invention of 2015 by the Union of Inventors in Bulgaria during […]
  • IV National Housing Forum 27.01.2021 - On January 27, the Fourth National Forum “Overcoming the housing and energy poverty – a prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” took place. For the first time the event was organized as a video forum, bringing together 90 participants from all over the country. The online meeting was divided into three panels, which acquainted […]
  • Exhibition “Portraits of Hope”, Build Solid Ground 16.12.2020 - Exhibition “Portraits of Hope”, Build Solid Ground Habitat Bulgaria invited a group of artists to “translate” the challenges and opportunities of urbanization into the language of art: – 75% of people around the world lack proper documentation for the land on which they live and are in constant fear of eviction. – In many countries, […]