Board game “The NEIGHBOURHOOD”

In 2015, Habitat Bulgaria developed an innovative educational board game “The Neighbourhood” with the idea of ​​providing children with the knowledge of the three life skills trainings – “Financial Literacy and Family Budget Management”, “Housing Maintenance” and “Residential Energy Efficiency”.

Through the game, school-age children learn at first glance complex concepts such as: saving resources, energy efficiency, hygiene, saving money. The game is an alternative training tool that, from an early age, helps us to pass on useful skills and habits related to the proper maintenance of the home, saving money and the rational use of energy and natural resources. It is distributed free of charge to schools, childcare centers and other organizations working with students between the ages of 8 and 14 and can be used in a variety of extracurricular activities, themed classes, and family settings.

The board game contains a playing field, cards and pawns. Participants read and execute what is written on the cards they draw or select. The action takes place in the Neighbourhood. During the course of the game, participants have the choice of completing missions, shopping for health foods in the Store, playing on the Playground, learning at the Block. In addition, there are daily events at School – classroom, supervisory, or extraordinary events that need to be saved. For each action, players receive Knowledge, Money, Happiness or Dirt, which at the end of the game is equal to points and added up. To earn more points, players need good time planning and, to some extent, strategic thinking.

Instructions for “The NEIGHBOURHOOD” board game can be viewed from the video below: