Portraits of Hope

“Our perceptions for what a home is are different, so I wanted to illustrate the feeling that would make more people connect with the illustration. Certainly, the home is the place where you can connect with your inner child and nurture it to feel protected, happy and satisfied. We inevitably think of games, and more specifically of “tag”. In this game, there was one way in which we managed to pause and defend ourselves – we would create a “house” with both hands, imitating a roof. It is interesting how the idea of personal privacy has penetrated children’s play, reflecting the essential value of having a home. And it is a pity that there are so many people in the world for whom the home is a place of fear and insecurity. Because the feeling that we are safe and secure must be with us wherever we live.”

Аrtist: Ilian Iliev

Every day millions of people live in fear of losing their home. 75% of people around the world lack proper documentation for their home or the land on which they live, and are in constant fear of eviction.

“I wanted to illustrate the feeling of coming home after a long and difficult journey and how it’s the best place for you. At the same time, this house is fleeting, as if it’s not yours, as if it’s just a dream.”

Аrtist: Borislava Karadzhova – Borislava Madeit

By regulating the right of access to land for housing, people will live without fear of eviction and will invest more in their families, communities and future.