Workshop “Maintenance of the Home: Improvement of the Living Conditions at Home – Problems and Solutions”

Habitat Bulgaria developed a training workshop, which aims to help the organization’s beneficiaries to maintain their homes and prioritize the needed repairs in order to secure safe, healthy and comfortable environment for their families. The workshop has been developed as a support tool for Habitat Bulgaria’s work for improvement of the housing conditions of low-income families.

The workshop curricula includes the following topics:

• Legal and informal buildings;
• Investment process – steps to be followed for the legal construction and major improvements;
• Construction of a building;
• How to assess the need of repairs and the type of repairs;
• Safety of the home;
• Major problems related to the home and possible solutions;
• Sanitary conditions, water and sewage.

The students’ notebooks include real-life examples and cases, plenty of illustrations and practical solutions.

The training was created as part of the Home Maintenance training under the “For Better Homes” project, funded by the Program for Supporting NGOs in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and further developed and set up as a stand-alone training module in the framework of project “Social protection and alleviation from deprivation for at-risk children and adolescents in Bulgaria through improving living conditions and other community based support”, funded by VELUX Foundations.

The workshop is designed to support current and potential beneficiaries of Habitat Bulgaria’s programs for improvement of the housing conditions. Since July 2014 till December 2020, Habitat Bulgaria, together with local partner organizations, held 16 training workshops with 272 attendants.