Bulgaria falls into the category of extreme energy poverty, according to the European Domestic Energy Poverty Index (EDEPI). „Social network“, Nova News


В “Социална мрежа” по NOVA NEWS Ася Добруджалиева, мениджър проекти в Хабитат България, представи кампанията “Достъп до енергийно обновяване”, която цели да информира обществото за проблемите свързани с енергийна бедност, както и начините да се справим с нея.

Тя изведе основните причини България да е сред страните в ЕС попадащи в категорията за екстремна енергийна бедност. На първо място като причина за енергийната бедност са ниските доходи, следват високите разходи за енергийни услуги, на трето място са качеството на жилищата, които обитаваме, тяхната енергийна ефективност, доколко жилищата пазят топлината.

“Кампанията не може да помогне пряко на потребителите, но е нужна комбинация от решения и действия, взети от управляващите, и същите от самите хора”, споделя в интервюто Ася Добруджалиева.

Вижте целия разговор във видеото:

Bulgarian textile insulation saves harmful emissions and money. „Inovativno“, BNT2


The project for the development of an industrial facility for the production of thermal insulation of recycled textiles supported by the VELUX Foundations, has been promoted by the Bulgarian National Television.

For the invented thermal insulation product, the company was honored with the Grand Invention of 2015 by the Union of Inventors in Bulgaria during the sixth National Exhibition of Inventions, Transfer, Innovation ITI 2015.

Mincho Benov, National Director of Habitat Bulgaria, talks about why home textile insulation is greener and cheaper than traditional insulation.


IV National Housing Forum


On January 27, the Fourth National Forum “Overcoming the housing and energy poverty – a prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals” took place. For the first time the event was organized as a video forum, bringing together 90 participants from all over the country.

The online meeting was divided into three panels, which acquainted the participants with the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, adopted by the Bulgarian government in March 2020 and the commitments made by our country to achieve them.

The forum is implemented within the Build Solid Ground project, approved and funded by the Development Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) under the Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) strand.

Exhibition “Portraits of Hope”, Build Solid Ground


Exhibition “Portraits of Hope”, Build Solid Ground

Habitat Bulgaria invited a group of artists to “translate” the challenges and opportunities of urbanization into the language of art:

– 75% of people around the world lack proper documentation for the land on which they live and are in constant fear of eviction.

– In many countries, women are not allowed to own land or real estate.

– By 2030, the population living in slums is expected to double to 2 billion.

Through the power of art, we wanted to show that every person deserves to have a decent home and to feel protected from threats to their property.

Every second home in our country is overcrowded. “Direct”, Bulgaria ON AIR





One–two–three–four 👉 what–about–your–home?

ACT NOW❗➔ 𝙎𝙞𝙜𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙥𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 https://bit.ly/home4all_petition

In the midst of the current crisis, having a home means being safe.

In 2030, 1 out of 4 people will not have this luxury.

Let’s act now!

Everyone deserves a decent place to live.
#home4all ⌂⌂⌂⌂

Build Solid Ground


Partnership with Wienerberger Group


In 2012, Wienerberger, a leading provider of ceramic building materials worldwide and Habitat for Humanity International, a world leader in fighting the housing poverty, signed a partnership agreement to help families in Romania and Bulgaria. It is a multifunctional collaboration involving both financial support and expert and professional support in the form of voluntary time spent by Wienerberger’s employees. The purpose is to ensure the proper use of the products in the homes build by the organization.

In the period from 2013 to 2015, two teams of volunteers from Wienerberger Bulgaria Ltd. and one team of volunteers from the Wienerberger Group from a total of 11 countries participated in the social project of Habitat Bulgaria “Construction of Four Homes in the Town of Kostinbrod for Families with Minor Children and Proven Housing Needs”. Wienerberger and its subsidiaries Tondach and PipeLife, supported the project with the provision of Porotherm ceramic blocks, Tondach ceramic tiles and PipiLife plumbing needed to build the four houses. In addition, the Wienerberger Group provided financial and professional support, such as training in masonry construction activities. By using the energy-efficient building materials of Wienerberger, the beneficiary families of the project can save on utility costs each year.

Топлина и уют за всички – проблеми в урбанизацията. „Следобед с БСТВ“


“Следобед с БСТВ” (22.10.2019), гост: Минчо Бенов, Национален директор на „Подслон за човечеството“ (Хабитат – България)

Шанс за нов дом: Фондация помага на многодетни семейства. „Здравей, България“, NOVA


ЛИНК КЪМ ВИДЕО >> ШАНС ЗА НОВ ДОМ: Фондация помага на многодетни семейства