Life skills workshops

Habitat Bulgaria developed and fine-tuned several training modules, which provide practical advice and teach knowledge about the proper maintenance of the home and the management of the family finances. The training modules were developed as a support tool, which adds value to the program for interest-free financing for home improvements of low-income families run by the organization. The training modules consider the cultural, educational and social specifics of one of the main target groups, supported by Habitat Bulgaria – people with low income levels, who often have low education and qualification levels.

The training materials as well the training methodology are developed by Habitat Bulgaria’s team. They are interactive, practical and based on real life situations and problems.

The training modules are as follows: “Management of the Family Budget”, “Energy Efficiency of the Home”, “Improvement of the living conditions at Home – Problems and Solutions”. The training deliveries target current and potential beneficiaries of Habitat Bulgaria’s programs, implemented in partnership with local non-governmental organizations.

The training deliveries in the communities, where Habitat Bulgaria works, maximize the overall impact of the implemented programs and adds value to the social support offered by the local non-governmental organizations. Thanks to the combined efforts of Habitat Bulgaria and its partner organizations, the families receive holistic support for solving their problems. As of December 2020, Habitat Bulgaria has organized 113 trainings attended by 1780 participants.